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The Golden Ribbon

By Rebecca Elspas

Once upon a quite stormy and rainy day, Nicole Green was sent to her grandmother’s to spend the weekend. Nicole looked at her window. “It sure is a gloomy day,” she replied as she looked down in disappointment.

You see, Nicole was a bright girl, respected her teachers, ate her vegetables, loved her friends, and cherished the great outdoors. But today was a different situation. Nicole was bored. She had read all the books in the house, saw all of the videos, seen all the family photos, and was not in the mood for sleeping, and had explored every square inch, (except for the attic) of the old abandoned hut, or so she called it. Continue reading

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The Mysterious Painting

By Rivkah Sarah Abrams

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Marabeth (MB).  She lived in a bustling city that she called the city of mysteries.  In the city there was a museum.  And in that museum there was a painting, and oh how MB loved that painting.  She spent a lot of her time just looking at that wonderful scene.

One day as she was getting her hand stamped she saw the last person she wanted to see: the sheriff.  She really was not interested in getting told off again by the sheriff, who usually talked nonsense. Continue reading

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Cup Wars!

by Tal Day

It was a war between two different kinds of cups — teacups and coffee cups!

The coffee cups wanted their coffee to be the dominant flavor of everything. That means even tea would taste like coffee. Salt would taste like coffee. The teacups believed that coffee should be obliterated, and once the war was over they would give a free cup of tea to everyone in the world. Continue reading

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Leonard and Lem

By Max Porter Zasada

In the old city of Prague, at the height of the blood libel, a golem was made to protect the Jewish ghetto from attack. Created by the chief rabbi of Prague, it is said to be made of clay, and in many tales the Hebrew word “emet,” meaning truth, is written on its forehead, until the first letter is scratched out by the chief rabbi to make the word “met” meaning death. The golem is further said to be buried underneath Continue reading

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Max’s Tutoring

English and Writing Tutor

Max Porter Zasada is available to take on writing students. This is a great opportunity for your kids to work one-on-one and learn excellent reading and writing skills. Max is tons of fun, too! Max was homeschooled most of his life and went on to be an honors student in English and Creative Writing at UCLA, where he received his degree last year. He is a great teacher, and really possesses a depth of understanding of children’s literature and classics, as he has read just about EVERYTHING written for kids, and has even written and published a children’s novel himself! He has had great success in getting students of all ages to write, edit, and complete stories and essays, from elementary school through college level.

Max’s teaching space is near Beverlywood in Los Angeles. If requested, he can provide references from a number of satisfied homeschoolers.

Cell: 424-224-3794. E-mail: maxapz@hotmail.com


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A Western

by Pacie Porter Zasada, September 2009

             The small, dusty buildings were silent when the stranger rode into town. Suspicious eyes watched from boarded up windows as the stranger looked around. A wide brim hat was pulled low over his eyes. A blue bandana was wrapped around his neck to keep off the sun, and his light brown trousers were dirty and dusty from a hard day’s riding. Two six-shooters were holstered at his belt.
            The stranger reined his horse to a stop in front of a small saloon. Dismounting and tying his horse to a post, he ambled through the door.
            The room was dim and smoky. A dozen men were drinking at the tables, half of them smoking huge cigars. Continue reading

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